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“And You Thought I Wasn’t Listening”


This post will be different from what I have done in the past so my apologies to those who were expecting profound quotes to help them through the day but I felt compelled to tell you a story. 

As you’ve seen with my blog, I use quotes from other people to convey what I am thinking or things that I wish to share with others.   Many of my friends or previous co-workers know that I find it easier to use someone else’s words to say what I am thinking or wish to send out a message.   As Michel Montaigne stated, “I quote others only to better express myself.”   Many may find this approach rather lazy; I happen to believe it’s a good way to use whatever resources are available to me.

I mention the above only because I wanted to share a story to you.   I wasn’t feeling good today and wanted to have some soup so when I reached in the kitchen cabinet for a cup big enough to hold my soup, I came upon an oversized coffee cup that my son had given to me years ago.   Sadly, I don’t remember the occasion as to why he gave me the cup; whether it was my birthday or Father’s Day. 

Anyway, on the inside and outside of the cup, there is “writing” or inscription that came with the cup which should be familiar quotes but somehow are not what they should be.    The writing on the outside states:   

“DAD, thanks to your lectures, I never change horses in the middle of a job worth doing, I know the squeaky wheel gets the worm, and I never count my chickens until I’ve walked a mile in their shoes.”

On the inside of the cup, the writing, which would be visible as you drink from it, states:

“And you thought I wasn’t listening.”

I share this story with you because my son, his wife and his new baby son are visiting us from out of town for the week.  As I stare at my new baby grandson, tears come to me when I think of what is to come for him in the future.  They are tears of joy because he has a wonderful father, a beautiful mother and a darling sister (from a previous marriage), aunts and uncles and of course wonderful grandparents (from both sides) who will guide him and help him as he grows and becomes a man.  They are also tears of sadness because he will be faced with a number of problems that we – all of us – will leave for him and all the other little babies in the world.  I can only wish that there will be a better world in the coming years for him, my other grandchild and my teenage daughter as well as everyone else.

So, to my son I hope that he will follow this quote that I remember when my daughter was born:  “I want to help you grow as beautiful as God meant you to be when He thought of you first.”  (George MacDonald) and to my grandbaby Jake, I will tell him  ….   ‘use the force dude as you go to infinity and beyond!”

P.S.  Thank you Hallmark for making the wonderful cup that my son gave to me.          ~  GMUniverse


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2 thoughts on ““And You Thought I Wasn’t Listening”

  1. Patsy Dawson on said:

    where can I purchase this cup?
    “And you thought I wasn’t listening”

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