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“The Best Thing to Give”


“You see, in life, lots of people know what to do, but few people actually do what they know.   Knowing is not enough!   You must take action.”     (Anthony Robbins)


“What’s on your list?  

I have kids at home, I don’t have a manager, I need to pay off student debt, my boss never lets me, I’m really busy because of soccer season, my knee is acting up, there’s already five galas coming up, my RSI hurts when I type, I don’t have a degree, I have a degree and can’t waste it, I’m not good at that, I tried it before but it didn’t work, I’ve never tried it before, the weather is crazy, isn’t it, the election is right around the corner, it’s been too long at this job they won’t listen to me, I’m going to retire soon, I’m too young, I’ll never learn, it’s too risky …”

We all have a list.   Most of the things on it may in fact be legitimate reasons for no.

I guess the self-marketing question is, “how often do you remind yourself of what’s on the list?”     (Seth Godin)


  “The best thing to give –

   your enemy is forgiveness;

    to an opponent, tolerance;

    to a friend, your heart;

    to your child, a good example;

    to your father, deference;

     to your mother, conduct that will make her proud of you;

     to your self, respect;

     to all men, charity.”      (Swami Sivananda)


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