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Compiled by Alex Pena ~ ‘Catalyst’: “to spark, to ignite, energize, mobilize; something that accelerates a reaction (DDI)." Thought-provoking & motivational quotes and stories for you to read, reflect on and move forward in making creative and positive changes in your life.

“Daddy – Dad – Father – Grandfather”


“A grandfather was walking through his yard when he heard his granddaughter repeating the alphabet in a tone of voice that sounded like a prayer.   He asked her what she was doing.   The little girl explained: ‘I’m praying, but I can’t think of exactly the right words, so I’m just saying all the letters, and God will put them together for me, because He knows what I’m thinking.’”            (Charles B. Vaughan)


“When I was seven years old, I ran away from home.   I’d had enough of my father’s rules and decided I could make it on my own, thank you very much.  With my clothes in a paper bag, I stormed out the back gate and marched down the alley.   Like the prodigal son, I decided I needed no father.   Unlike the prodigal son, I didn’t go far.   I got to the end of the alley and remembered I was hungry, so I went back home.”    (Excerpt From: “Life to the Max” by Max Lucado)


There are 3 stages in a man’s life:   ‘My Daddy can whip your Daddy.’   ‘Aw, Dad, you don’t know anything.’   ‘My father used to say . . .’.      (Dwight McSmith)


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