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“How Do You Get People to Change?”


“How do you get people to change?    The central issue is never strategy, structure, culture or systems.  All those elements, and others, are important.   But the core of the matter is always about changing the behavior of people, and behavior changes happen … mostly by speaking to people’s feelings.”      (John P. Kotter, Harvard professor and author of Leading Change)


“So, you want to change your people!  Do you know your people?   If you don’t know your people, there won’t be any understanding.   With no understanding, there’s no trust.   With no trust, no change.   If you don’t love your people, there won’t be passion for change.  With no passion, no value for taking risks.   If people don’t take risks, there won’t be any changes.   So, if you want to change your people … You have to know them.”      (Mother Theresa)


“Example is not the main thing in influencing others, it is the only thing.”      (Albert Schweitzer)


“After a game, coaches review the day’s videotape relentlessly.   They watch over and over again to see what worked and what did not, who executed properly, and who did not.   They use what they learn … .   This technique can be effective in business too.  Replay the tape at the end of your day.  In your mind, spend a few minutes in the evening thinking through the conversations you had during the day, and the actions you took.   Think about how you handled challenging situations – what worked and what you’ll do differently next time.   Reflect on what you learned about others, and about yourself.  Commit to improving.   Congratulate yourself on the things you did well.   Do it every evening.    Make it a habit.”      (The Six Fundamentals of Success, Stuart R. Levine)


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