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“Life – Breathe, Soul Oxygen & Replay”


“There are really only two types of people:

Those you now love.

And, those you will love.

Until, there’s only one type of person … and then we’ll probably hit, “Replay.”

That’s what life’s for.”

(Mike Dooley, Notes from the Universe, July 9, 2013)    



“Abraham Maslow, the Great-Granddaddy in my spiritual family tree and 20th-century humanistic psychologist who studied the greatest people of his generation (including rock stars like Eleanor Roosevelt, Einstein and Frederick Douglass) tells us that what one ‘can’ be, one MUST be.

As we ascend his hierarchy of needs, taking care of the basics like food/shelter/safety and moving up through love and self-esteem we reach a place where we literally have a need to fully express ourselves — to, in Maslow’s words ‘self-actualize.’

Of course, it will take different forms for different peeps.  But whether it’s a calling to be an exceptional parent or artist or entrepreneur, Maslow tells us that this impulse isn’t a sure-would-be-nice-to-have-fulfilled kinda thing but a fundamental NEED — kinda like that need we have for oxygen.

Powerful stuff.

So, the next time you’re feeling funky, check in and see if you’re really living fully or if you’re only kinda – sorta showing up.

That funkiness is your soul gasping for the oxygen of you truly rockin’ it.

P.S.  Maslow sternly advises us:  ‘If you deliberately plan on being less than you are capable of being, then I warn you that you’ll be unhappy for the rest of your life’”   Eek.

All good though.  He also reminds us:  ‘It seems that the necessary thing to do is not to fear mistakes, to plunge in, to do the best that one can, hoping to learn enough from blunders to correct them eventually.’

P.P.S.  So, plunge in!”    (Brian Johnson, Chief Philosopher, “A Philosopher’s Notes”)



“No matter where you go, there you are.”   (Yogi Berra)


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