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Compiled by Alex Pena ~ ‘Catalyst’: “to spark, to ignite, energize, mobilize; something that accelerates a reaction (DDI)." Thought-provoking & motivational quotes and stories for you to read, reflect on and move forward in making creative and positive changes in your life.

“Truth Be Told”


“Truth be told, no matter how logical or intuitive you are, neither of these virtues, no matter how greatly you were endowed, will ever enable you to peer into the future and reasonably predict the twists and turns your life may take, nor the circumstances, fortunes, and friends that might someday be your own.  It is, in fact, impossible.

That’s what imagination is for. 

Thoughts become things.   (signed)    The Universe”   (Notes from The Universe, Mike Dooley, 12.23.15)




Lower the expectations that you’ll find an easy way out.

Raise your expectations for what you can contribute.

Lower your expectations for how effective that next shortcut is going to be. 

Raise your expectations about what technology can do for you if you patiently push it.

Lower your expectations about how an angry fight can help you win something you care about.

Raise your expectations for how much consistent daily action can transform your status quo.

Lower your expectations of finding a fairy godmother.

But raise them about the power of concrete goals that keep you from hiding.

Level up.  Everything I write about hinges on the idea that we are capable beings. Capable of making decisions, of taking responsibility, of raising and lowering our expectations.

As we move into a new year, today’s a perfect day (in many countries, a legal holiday) dedicated to thinking about leveling up, about what it means to make new choices about what we will do next.”   (Seth Godin, Seth’s Blog, 01.01.16)



“Keep fightin’ for freedom and justice, beloveds, but don’t you forget to have fun doin’ it.  Lord let your laughter ring forth.  Be outrageous, ridicule the fraidy-cat, rejoice in all the oddities that freedom can produce.  And when you get through kickin’ ass and celebratin’ the sheer joy of a good fight, be sure to tell those who come after how much fun it was.”   (Molly Ivins)



“Herzog’s Rules

  1. Be on time.
  2. Bust your butt.
  3. Play smart.
  4. Have some laughs while you’re at it.”   (Whitey Herzog, Baseball Manager)



“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.”   (Katherine Hepburn)


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