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“YMCA House Rules”

“To manage or to coach?   People will manage the work.   By attempting to manage people you are limiting their potential.   A manager is a title, it does not guarantee success.   Coaching is an action, not a title and actions will result in successes!”     (Catherine Pulsifer)

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Excerpt taken from the Communication Section of ‘YMCA House Rules, Y-Sports Basketball Coach Handbook:

  • Listen to others.  Then they’ll listen to you.
  • Avoid put downs.  Who needs them?
  • Take charge of yourself.  You are responsible for you.
  • Show respect.  Every person is important.

Cooperative-style coaches give direction and provide instruction when it is needed, but they also know when to let players make decisions and assume responsibility.  Your players will show more respect and be more willing to listen if they know that you are genuinely interested in their opinions.”  

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Let’s take a look again at the YMCA House Rules.  Couldn’t we apply the same rules at work or at home?  Instead of using the word “players” why not use associates or family members.  When we as Leaders at work or Parents at home begin treating those around us with respect, courtesy and genuine care, I believe an atmosphere of engagement, collaboration and trust will develop.  Once that occurs, the strategic plan at work will move forward with success and the “agenda” at home will flow smoothly.

Who knows?  Maybe you and those around you at work or at home will begin singing and dancing to the song, YMCA!  Okay, maybe not.  Just think about it.

                Enjoy the day!    ~  GMUniverse

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