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One of my earlier posts this morning was humorous in hopes to lighten up the day since it was a dreary and gray day and I wanted to lighten to mood to start the weekend.  Shortly after I sent out that post, a shocking event occurred in Newtown, Connecticut where a gunman shot a number of  children and adults at an elementary school.  The heinous crime is unthinkable for us to fathom especially knowing that little innocent children died. 

The count so far seems to be 20 children and 6 adults.  This is one of those times when words are difficult to express our feelings, to express our shock that such evil exists and also to comprehend how young innocent souls and lives can be taken from us.  Whatever spiritual feelings you may have, please pray or take a minute of silence for those lives lost today in Newtown and for the relatives and members of the community that have to live with his horrible memory.  

I can only add these quotes in memory of the children:  



“The sound of children at play is the closest thing to God’s own voice we shall ever hear.”     (Bill Geiss)



“No sweeter, holier sound to heaven can float than childhood’s laughter, or the free bird’s note”       (Guy de Maupassant)



“The law of love could be best understood and learned through little children.”      (Gandhi)



“Why are the leaves red?  Because of the cold — how untrue.  Why is it cold?  Because of the sun’s position — untrue.  Why is the sun so low?  Because of the earth’s location in its orbit — equally untrue.  Why its location in an orbit?  Because of the motion.  Untrue again.  Why motion?  Because of continuous motion?  Untrue.  Why continuous motion?  Because of God. …  “Why are the leaves red, Dad?”  “Because it is so beautiful, child.  Don’t you see how beautiful it is, all these autumn colors?”  There is no truer answer.  That is how the leaves are red.”     (Dutch psychologist Hendrik van den Berg on “Why?” questions from children)



“Our future generations — when they look back on this — what will they say that we have done for them, and will it be honorable?”        (Jackie Warledo)


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