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“More Advice – This Time From Dad”


“I am not my uncle.  I am not my father, but I do subscribe to the twenty rules he taught me from the cradle.

One, if you’re afraid to fight, then you’ll never win.

Two, in times of tragedy and turmoil, you’ll learn who your true friends are. Treasure them because they are few and far between.

Three, know your enemies, and never become your own worst one.

Four, be grateful for those enemies.  They will keep you honest and ever striving to better yourself.

Five, listen to all good advice, but never substitute someone else’s judgment for your own.

Six, all men and women lie.  But never lie to yourself.

Seven, many will flatter you.  Befriend the ones who don’t, for they will remind you that you’re human and not infallible.

Eight, never fear the truth.  It’s the lies that will destroy you.

Nine, your worst decisions will always be those that are made out of fear.  Think all matters through with a clear head.

Ten, your mistakes won’t define you, but your memories, good and bad, will.

Eleven, be grateful for your mistakes as they will tell you who and what you’re not.

Twelve, don’t be afraid to examine the past, it’s how you learn what you don’t want to do again.

Thirteen, there’s a lot to be said for not knowing better.

Fourteen, all men die.  Not everyone lives.

Fifteen, on your deathbed, your greatest regrets will be what you didn’t do.

Sixteen, don’t be afraid to love.  Yes, it’s a weakness that can be used against you.  But it’s also a source of the greatest strength you will ever know.  

Seventeen, the past is history written in stone that can’t be altered.  The future is transitory and never guaranteed.  Today is the only thing you can change for certain.  Have the courage to do so and make the most of it because it could be all you’ll ever have.

Eighteen, you can be in a crowd, surrounded by people, and still be lonely.

Nineteen, love all, regardless of what they do.  Trust only those you have to.  

And twenty … Never be afraid … destroy your enemies.  They won’t hesitate to … destroy you.”   (Sherrilyn Kenyon)



“A piece of advice his father had given him surfaced in Edgar’s mind. Sometimes, he had said, it’s better just to keep quiet and think with your heart.”  (Sharan Newman)


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