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“How Do You Get People to Change?”


“How do you get people to change?    The central issue is never strategy, structure, culture or systems.  All those elements, and others, are important.   But the core of the matter is always about changing the behavior of people, and behavior changes happen … mostly by speaking to people’s feelings.”      (John P. Kotter, Harvard professor and author of Leading Change)


“So, you want to change your people!  Do you know your people?   If you don’t know your people, there won’t be any understanding.   With no understanding, there’s no trust.   With no trust, no change.   If you don’t love your people, there won’t be passion for change.  With no passion, no value for taking risks.   If people don’t take risks, there won’t be any changes.   So, if you want to change your people … You have to know them.”      (Mother Theresa)


“Example is not the main thing in influencing others, it is the only thing.”      (Albert Schweitzer)


“After a game, coaches review the day’s videotape relentlessly.   They watch over and over again to see what worked and what did not, who executed properly, and who did not.   They use what they learn … .   This technique can be effective in business too.  Replay the tape at the end of your day.  In your mind, spend a few minutes in the evening thinking through the conversations you had during the day, and the actions you took.   Think about how you handled challenging situations – what worked and what you’ll do differently next time.   Reflect on what you learned about others, and about yourself.  Commit to improving.   Congratulate yourself on the things you did well.   Do it every evening.    Make it a habit.”      (The Six Fundamentals of Success, Stuart R. Levine)


“Make a Promise or Set a Goal?”


“Here are two ways to put ourselves in control of our lives immediately.   We can make a promise – and keep it.   Or we can set a goal – and work to achieve it.   As we make and keep commitments, even small commitments, we begin to establish an inner integrity that gives us the awareness of self-control and the courage and strength to accept more of the responsibility for our own lives.   By making and keeping promises to ourselves and others, little by little, our honor becomes greater than our moods.”     (Stephen R. Covey, Daily Reflections for Highly Effective People)


“Courage is not defined by those who fought and did not fall, but by those fought, fell and rose again.”      (Unknown)


Weakness fixing might prevent failure, but strength building leads to excellence.   Focus on strength, and manage around weaknesses.”     (Marcus Buckingham), coauthor of First, Break All the Rules and Now, Discover Your Strength)


“History has demonstrated that the most notable winners usually encountered heart-breaking obstacles before they triumphed.  They won because they refused to become discouraged by their defeats.”       (B. C. Forbes)


“Your Potential”


“Everyone has inside of him a piece of good news.   The good news is that you don’t know how great you can be!   How much you can love!   What you can accomplish!   And what your potential is!”     (Anne Frank)


“Even Fire Will Not Hurt You”


“It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.”    (Babe Ruth)


“Ultimately, what separates a winner from a loser at the grand master level is the willingness to do the unthinkable.   A brilliant strategy is, certainly, a matter of intelligence, but intelligence without audaciousness is not enough.   So it is in business.   One does not succeed by sticking to convention.  When your opponent can easily anticipate every move you make, your strategy deteriorates.”        (Gary Kasparov, former number-one-ranked chess player)


“The greatest failure is not to try.   Had I listened to all the people during the course of my life who said, “You can’t.   You’ll fail.   It won’t work.   You don’t have…,”  I wouldn’t be here today.”      (Debbi Fields)


“If you are moving, even fire will not hurt you.   If you are standing still near the fire, even though you are not in the fire, the heat will eventually get to you.”      (Rich Dad)


“Do Good”


“Do all the good you can

By all the means you can

In all the ways you can

In all the places you can

At all the times you can

To all the people you can

As long as ever you can.”      (John Wesley)


“I have just three things to teach:   simplicity, patience, compassion.     These three are your greatest treasures.

Simple in actions and in thoughts, you return to the source of being.

Patient with both friends and enemies, you accord with the way things are.

Compassionate toward yourself, you reconcile all beings in the world.”      (Tao Te Ching)


“You have it easily in your power to increase the sum total of this world’s happiness now.   How?  

By giving a few words of sincere appreciation to someone who is lonely or discouraged.   

Perhaps you will forget tomorrow the kind words you say today, but the recipient may cherish them over a lifetime.”      (Dale Carnegie)


“Insanely Awesome”


 “Lighten up.   Take in some fresh air and sunlight.    Face challenges eagerly.    Look through the eyes of appreciation.    Relish adventure.    Forgive your parents and cut yourself some slack.    Make someone happy.    Never be disheartened.    Re-invent.    Reach.    Risk.    Refuse, resist and re-use.    Walk the dog.    Surrender.    Do not wait for a better world.    Dance with the stars.    Let it go.    Expect the best.     Know all difficulties in your life have purpose.”     (The Body Shop)


“One of the Nintendo game designers asked the company’s chief, ‘What should I make?’   He replied, ‘Make something great!’   Can there be a more powerful response?”     (Attributed to Nintendo’s President Hiroshi Yamauchi by Tom Peters)


“Why settle for being effective when you could be insanely awesome?”    (Zenith Data Systems)


Leadership – “Is Anybody Better Because of You?”

“The ripple effect of a leader’s enthusiasm and optimism is awesome.   So is the impact of cynicism and pessimism.   Leaders who whine and blame engender those same behaviors among their colleagues.   I am not talking about stoically accepting organizational stupidity and performance incompetence with a ‘what, me worry?’ smile.   I am talking about a gung-ho attitude that says ‘we can change things here, we can achieve awesome goals, we can be the best!’”     (Colin Powell)


“You cannot build a team or organization that believes in different things from you.   You can’t make them into something you’re not.   Leadership isn’t just a job; it is a commitment to other people’s excellence.   As an illustration, think of the movie, ‘Remember the Titans.’   One of the highlights of that film was the heated exchange between the white captain and one of the black players, who had experienced firsthand the captain’s lack of acceptance and support.   When the captain confronted the player for deliberately missing a play, the player retorted, ‘attitude reflects leadership, captain.’    We must remember that, unfortunately, too many managers and supervisors who are responsible for developing others haven’t learned the basics of good leadership and development, even for themselves.  They are trying to build organizations or provide services based on a different value system.   It doesn’t work.   Employees quickly observe the disconnect between words and deeds.”     (Don Ritz)


“If you want to know whether or not you’re a leader, your title may or may not give some clues.   The real clue is in the answer to this question:  Is anybody better because of you?   Do the people you work with say, because of him or her, I’m a better person or I’ve been able to find skills and talents I didn’t know I had, or develop skills that were latent.”    (Mark Sanborn)


Short Course in Leadership

PhD in Leadership:   “Make a list of all things done to you that you abhorred.   Don’t do them to others, ever.

Make another list of things done for you that you loved.   Do them for others, always.”    (Dee Hock)


“It’s not what you say, it’s what you do!   Actions DO speak louder than words.   When faced with inconsistencies between words and actions, people tend to give greater credence to actions.   It’s behavior that counts!   The implication of this for managers is:   You’re a role model.   Employees will imitate your behavior and attitudes.”    (Stephen P. Robbins, The Truth about Managing People)


“Three things I’d say to a team to help hold them together:

  • If anything goes bad, I did it.
  • If anything goes semi-good, then we did it.
  • If anything goes real good, then you did it.”      (Paul “Bear” Bryant)

“YMCA House Rules”

“To manage or to coach?   People will manage the work.   By attempting to manage people you are limiting their potential.   A manager is a title, it does not guarantee success.   Coaching is an action, not a title and actions will result in successes!”     (Catherine Pulsifer)

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Excerpt taken from the Communication Section of ‘YMCA House Rules, Y-Sports Basketball Coach Handbook:

  • Listen to others.  Then they’ll listen to you.
  • Avoid put downs.  Who needs them?
  • Take charge of yourself.  You are responsible for you.
  • Show respect.  Every person is important.

Cooperative-style coaches give direction and provide instruction when it is needed, but they also know when to let players make decisions and assume responsibility.  Your players will show more respect and be more willing to listen if they know that you are genuinely interested in their opinions.”  

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Let’s take a look again at the YMCA House Rules.  Couldn’t we apply the same rules at work or at home?  Instead of using the word “players” why not use associates or family members.  When we as Leaders at work or Parents at home begin treating those around us with respect, courtesy and genuine care, I believe an atmosphere of engagement, collaboration and trust will develop.  Once that occurs, the strategic plan at work will move forward with success and the “agenda” at home will flow smoothly.

Who knows?  Maybe you and those around you at work or at home will begin singing and dancing to the song, YMCA!  Okay, maybe not.  Just think about it.

                Enjoy the day!    ~  GMUniverse

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