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“Leaders – Do You Know Your People?”

“Leadership is not magnetic personality — that can just as well be a glib tongue. It is not ‘making friends and influencing people’ — that is flattery. Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to high sights, the raising of a person’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations.”    (Peter F. Drucker)



“Leading yourself is no easy task.  It takes self-discipline, planning, and the opportunity to get the job done.  But leading a team is different – and much more difficult.  It starts with a better understanding of human nature.  As you lead your team, remember that the people on your team will always want five things from you:

  • Authenticity that enables a solid connection.
  • Confidence that empowers and inspires them.
  • Awareness and ability to meet people’s needs.
  • Ability to lead with strategic direction.
  • Moments of victory during the journey.

If you provide those five things, people will always have good reason to follow you.”    (Teamwork Makes the Dream Work, John C. Maxwell)



“So, you want to change your people!  Do you know your people?  If you don’t know your people, there won’t be any understanding.  With no understanding, there’s no trust.  With no trust, no change.  If you don’t love your people, there won’t be passion for change.  With no passion, no value for taking risks.  If people don’t take risks, there won’t be any changes.  So, if you want to change your people, you have to know them … .”    (Mother Theresa)


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